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Trump Investigations - Google Search

Democrats Promise More Trump Investigations If They Win The House

NPR-11 hours ago
If Democrats win control of the House, they'll have the power to investigate alleged misconduct of the Trump administration. They have a long ...
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Byron York: Election could end House investigation of Trump ...

The Mercury-20 hours ago
Republicans on Capitol Hill have added enormously to the public's understanding of what happened in the Trump-Russia investigation.
Story image for Trump Investigations from NPR

Democrats Vow To Rein In Trump Administration If They Win The House

NPR-11 hours ago
Democrats promise to put the Trump administration under the microscope of oversight investigations if they win control of the House.
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What Democrats in Congress will do if they're in power after midterms

CNN-Oct 15, 2018
A top target for Democrats remains Trump's personal tax returns, an ask ... committees to handle investigations into Trump -- would become the ...


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